Hi! Here's some Amanda facts...

-I'll always have a cat. #catlady4lyfe

-I used to think my life was crazy, then I became a mom. Now it's a zoo.

-Soup is my favorite think to cook.

-Black coffee. All day, eery day.

-Okay, fine. Mochas too.

-I kind of really like my husband. 

-I'm in a Disney Social Club and collect way too many pins.

-Advocate for mental health.

-Bad movie quotes 74% of the time. 

-My daughter's record for watching Zootopia in a single day is 6 times.

-I'm watching I Love Lucy right now.


Now that we got the boring stuff out of the way, let's get down to business! I've had a camera in my hand since the ripe old age of sixteen. I've always had a creative spirit that I never quite knew how to get out of me. I suck at drawing. I'm not a great singer (even though I try REAL hard to be in the car.) If you put a paintbrush in my hand, I will most likely have a panic attack. But when I picked up that first camera, the fear of not knowing what to do with it just made me excited to learn. And fail. And try again. And fail. And then finally figure it out along the way. I've got a whole bunch of years of photography education. I've had teachers tell me "Your angles are weird and those lines aren't straight. Fix it in photoshop." Um, no. And then I had this wonderful teacher, the person that gave me all the confidence I'll ever need. He told me "You can break the rules all you want as long as you learn them first." He let me explore who I wanted to be as a photographer and I will always be grateful for his freedom. 


I was unsure of so many things until I had my first shoot with a friend of mine that has 3 of the coolest kids I will ever know. (Shhh! Don't tell Audrey!) I just love tiny humans. They are so many things that I am not. They are spontaneous and care-free. They live their young lives in the moment they are in to the fullest. I forget how special it is to have the heart of a child sometimes, so when I get the opportunity to spend an afternoon with them and my camera, I leave feeling so refreshed. It is truly my favorite form of creativity. 


Whether it's an engaged couple, their wedding, a family of five, or the newest little bundle of joy, I enjoy capturing people's lives as they are  happening. Real time. No "smile and say cheese!" Just you being YOU. So let's hang out. I'll bring the camera. We'll laugh. We'll play. We'll share a joke or two. And when it's all done, you can put a neat picture on your wall to show all your friends how awesome you are. Everybody wins!