Go with the Grain.

It's Monday. Most people hate Mondays. It marks the end of the weekend. The end of fun. The end of so many cool things. I'm not a fan of Mondays myself, but today was rather nice...I got another film scan back!!!

I've shot so much since I purchased my Minolta Autocord back in January. To be completely honest, I never know what images I'll be getting back because I throw the used rolls in a box on my desk once they're shot (Personal work, not the ones for my clients! haha). I was super excited this morning when I took a peep and realized it was the very first set of images I ever made with the camera. I didn't know if it was going to work, so I used a random roll of expired 120 film we had laying around in the closet. 

I remember the day very well. Audrey had tons of energy because it had been too cold to go play outside at the park and she was pumped to have the space to run. And run. And run. Thinking about it now, I proooobably should have chosen a different subject, but hey, you can't get better practice than shooting a moving target, right?!? The Autocord is amazing. This is true. But theres a huge learning curve to it. Thanks to it being super old, there's no light meter and the focus ring takes a minute to find your comfort zone. This is where those photographer skills hardcore come into play...and this kid was giving me a run for my money. 

At first when I checked out the photos on my laptop, I was kinda disappointed. It wasn't what I initially hoped for. Nothing was in focus, they're muddy, and all the heavy grain thanks to being past that expiration date. I walked away to gather my thoughts and get that second cup of coffee. It took a moment for me to remind myself of a few things.

1.) My 60+ year old camera WORKED.

2.) The roll was EXPIRED and basically free. Yay for garage sales!

3.) It was my first experience getting to know a new piece of equipment.

Once I took the time to give myself some grace, I started seeing all the things I actually loved about these photographs. My extra hot husband in all his manly, cleaning the garage, triple exposure glory. My Audrey Goo doing what a 2 year old does best...being a freaking 2 year old! And most importantly, our real life. This was my real life that day. As grainy and as messy as it looks. I genuinely love it all. 

Isn't it rad what happens when you give yourself a little room to create freely? 


*** Shot with the Minolta Autocord using expired Kodak Plus-X Pan BW 120 Film *** 


Amanda Gallagher