Photo adventures. They're one of my favorite past times. Ryan and I used to go on a regular basis when we had all the free time in the world. We would grab our cameras, pack a bag full of film, and hit the road without a plan of where we would end up There was always a new place we hadn't explored, ice cream cones to be had, thrift stores to explore...and then we had Audrey. Let me tell ya, free time has changed just a littttttttttle bit since then! 

In comes my sweetamazingbeautifulkinddowntoearth friend, Liz.

I met Liz about 5 years ago at church right before she left to travel across the globe with the Peace Corps (I told you she is amazing! #YEAHGIRLYEAH). Seriously, this girl has done some pretty spectacular things and seen so much more than I ever could dream of seeing in my lifetime. Those experiences have given her qualities that seem so rare in people these days. Understanding. A great listener. Unconditionally caring. These are just a few of my favorite things about her. We bonded over an early morning chat with caffeine and oatmeal. I think the most intimate friendships are started this way in a coffee shop. Hasn't proven me wrong yet.

Around 9:30am we headed down the highway to Locke, Ca. It's tiny, maybe about the size of a city block. We had lots of time to walk around and explore. A local shared history of the Chinese family that owns most of the town and tales of apparent hauntings in the buildings that are still standing after all these years. It was a pretty neat day. I forgot how much I needed days like the one we had. 

I'm thankful for people like Liz that remind me to be vulnerable. My cup is full this week because of her. Cheers to more hours on the road discovering towns I didn't know existed and this beautiful world God gave to us to see. This is how life was meant to be lived. 

***All images shot on my Minolta Autocord using Kodak Ektar 100 film***



Amanda Gallagher