It's been over a week since Liz and I's amazing #YEAHGIRLYEAH adventure, but I just got the second set of film scans back today and it warrants another emo blog post, obviously. As I dwell on where my heart is this week, I'm finding that I'm moved by such different things looking at this set of images than I was 10 days ago when I received my first batch of photos. 

Bonus random Amanda fact: Sometimes I Google the description of really basic words that I already know the meaning of, but I wonder if there's something deeper to them. For instance just now, I looked up the word "Dwell". Don't know why, just had a weird feeling that I really just wanted to know. And you know what? I'm glad I did because this is what I found...

 "Dwell (noun): a slight regular pause in the motion of a machine."

It's no coincidence that I would find this example as I'm writing about a group of photographs I shot on film with a camera that requires me to pause in between exposures. That's what shooting film is all about after all. Taking your time and exercising your vision in a patient way. Sometimes when I shoot digital, I feel like a machine, using a machine to produce mechanical images for my robot self. I don't step back and allow space for my creativity to flourish because I'm so consumed by that instant gratification and being immediately let down because it's not what I wanted. Aren't we all guilty of this in some way? I feel like I'm not alone in that. 

Beyond comparing the explanation in the literal form to photography, I think it also applies to us as human beings. Becoming machines ourselves and going through the motions every day, lacking empathy or genuine nature. We forget to dwell in authentic moments with others and hone in on the good we are surrounded by. I know I'm guilty of forgetting to pause long enough to absorb all the wonders of my surroundings that fill my cup up. 

Maybe you're here to just peep my new work. Maybe you come here to actually read the nonsense that I write...pretty sure no one does, but whatever. Maybe you think this is all a waste of time. I don't care, but for whatever reason you happen to be here, I just want to leave you with this: Dwell on something that is uplifting to you in your life right at this second. Allow yourself a moment to take in all the glory of that joy. Humans weren't meant to be machines. 


***Shot with the Canon A-1 using expired AGFA APX 100***


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