Home. Part Two.

Nothing special over here. Just a boring Tuesday morning with Ryan home. Between a couple cancelations this week and all the California fires, it's a day full of staying inside and playing games.

I've had so much inspiration swirling around in my mind lately. It's days like this that I imagine painters are the most productive, or any other artist that creates using materials in a studio for that matter. They have paper, metal, wood, clay...and a space. That's all they need. It's not completely necessary to leave in order to put something amazing together. Sometimes I envy people that are talented in that way. It seems so simple. (P.S. I know it's not! I have mad respect for anyone that can do all the things I never could.)

As a photographer, when I'm inspired, I feel like I always have to go somewhere amazing in order to make something wonderful. I have to wait for sunset. I have to take people with me. I have to travel far. The list could go on forever. I forget how much beauty I have inside the walls of my own home and with the people that live inside of it. There is so much to be said about the imperfect and the ordinary. It's so easy to think I need more, but I always end up being moved by less. 

I hope I never stop being fascinated with seemingly insignificant moments like these.

Amanda Gallagher