Hi, I'm Amanda. 


The ability to feel. It's something we all have in common. For 16 years, I have used my camera as a tool to document feeling in photographs. The kind that are able to transport you right back where you were and fill your heart right up to the top. 


Because I am more interested in moments rather than the perfect pose, I love shooting film along with digital. Being a hybrid photographer allows me the creativity to slow down and focus on what really matters: You. 

I enjoy having a variety of cameras in my bag. The Canon A-1 gives me a little more versatility when I'm laying on the floor with a pet or chasing the kids in the backyard. My Minolta Autocord (favorite!) is an old lady from the 50's. Nothing automatic about her. I love using it to create multiple exposure images so each person leaves with a truly one of a kind piece of art that is 100% unique to our experience together. Iā€™m not afraid of a little (or a lot of) grain and grit!


I always thought I loved photography because it was my passion. Thanks to my family, it's taken on a whole new meaning. 

The days of focusing on getting everyone to smile for the camera are over. Becoming a mother has taught me that life is messy and there is so much beauty to be seen in our daily imperfections. I enjoy capturing organic interactions between people while they are simply living their lives. Nothing fake. Just the beauty of real life. 


I call Sacramento, Ca home. Born and raised.

I love my city and all it represents. There is so much good here, but I know there are plenty of other special cities out there full of special people (maybe you?!). If you call another great town your home, I am always excited to travel and make new memories.