A Delirious Daydream.

I literally slept 2 hours last night.


I was up thinking about the future, who I want to be, what I want to become, where I’m going, and pretty much everything else in between. The past few months I have gravitated back to shooting film at least 75% of the time. It’s incredibly rewarding and fulfills all the things my heart wants to share, but to be honest, I’ve been struggling with how to shoot digitally while remaining inspired. Despite the fact that digital is much easier to shoot than film (in my opinion), I feel much more comfortable using my heavy, old, gritty, fully manual film cameras. I’ve found myself avoiding my digital set up most times I had an opportunity to shoot. It’s as if the creative part of my brain just freezes up and I draw a blank. I’ve been craving something to spark a little bit of excitement digitally and today, I think I found it.

We’ve been cleaning out the house and purging junk we don’t need. I was going through my desk this afternoon when I came across a pack of color gels in every color of the rainbow. The best teacher I ever had gave me these vibrant little guys in college…like half of my life ago, but I digress haha I completely forgot that I had them and had never been used before. The light was shining so perfectly the way it does around 3pm and I was inspired. Completely delirious and totally exhausted, I put the 5 minutes that Audrey allowed me to good use and just played. For real, this is the fastest set of photos I’ve ever taken and edited, but also the most full of joy. I mean, how can you not be instantly happy with those pops of gold and magenta?!

I’m still super tired, but feeling like I lived a little bit today. Not bad at all.

1 fsym.jpg
Amanda Gallagher